Dr Philippe CASANOVA, MD

Coordinating Physician France - IBM

I am a specialist doctor in occupational medicine. After my residency, I worked independently in large industrial groups (Total, Areva, Thales, Alstom), in intercompany services, as well as in hospitals (CHU Martinique, AP-HP) with management and coordination roles. I furthered this journey as a labor inspector in Corsica and Guadeloupe.

As a forensic doctor and jurist, I am a judicial and administrative expert. I have been a section president at the Labour Court of Le Havre and an assessor at the National Court of Disability and Rating, as well as a member of the Higher Council for Occupational Hazards and the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety.

I have taught at several universities in France, Switzerland, and Senegal, and I have published research in radioprotection and work physiology and ergonomics.

A veteran of the ex-Yugoslavia conflict and a former auditor at the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defense, I am a colonel doctor in the reserves of the military health service.