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Discover the intricate world of occupational health.

From ergonomics to stress management, delve into innovative strategies that promote employee well-being and enhance company performance.

Explore insightful advice, inspiring case studies, and in-depth analyses to navigate towards a healthier, more productive, and fulfilling professional environment.

Welcome to the exciting realm of occupational health, where expertise and excellence converge.

A blog…

This blog is intended to provide information to students, professionals, as well as the general public in the field of occupational health.

It is written by Dr. Philippe Casanova, MD, an occupational health physician and forensic doctor.

It represents an effort to strike a balance between information quality and readability for everyone.

… to understand and act.

Work, like a sea with multiple currents, impacts our daily health.

Modern challenges, whether physical or mental, require a compass to prevent risks. Don’t let the fog of routine lead you astray.

Allow yourself to be guided in these unfamiliar waters, to safely reach your destination, and find enjoyment in the journey. Because through this mindful navigation, an work environment emerges that promotes not only health but also productivity.

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