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The Liaison Meeting: A Bridge towards the Reintegration of Employees on Medical Leave

Within the framework of job retention, a new mechanism is emerging to facilitate the reintegration of employees following a significant medical leave.

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The liaison meeting, separate from a medical consultation, aims to maintain a connection between the employee and the employer during the period of work stoppage. It also serves to inform the employee that they can benefit from preventative actions against professional disconnection, a pre-return visit, and measures to adapt their position or working hours.

The goals and the recipients

It is embedded in a threefold mission:

  • To rejuvenate the connection between the employee on an extended leave of absence and the employer ;
  • To anticipate potential situations of work incapacity ;
  • To initiate a dialogue conducive to necessary adjustments upon resuming work.

This tool is specifically targeted at employees whose work interruption exceeds 30 days, acting as a reciprocal and benevolent communication channel.

Application modalities and evaluation of the mechanism

It can be initiated either by the employee or the employer, in person or remotely, and its implementation must occur within a reasonable timeframe, ideally within 15 days following the request or agreement.

The employee’s refusal cannot have consequences. Caution is advised when proposing this meeting, especially in contexts of strained relationships.

The focus is on discussing preventative measures, thus sidestepping delicate topics such as work performance.

The occupational health and safety service can participate in the meeting if necessary. Additionally, the employee has the option to be assisted by the disability representative.

In Conclusion :

The liaison meeting shapes up as a significant advance for the return to the professional environment. Nonetheless, the key to its success lies in a judicious and circumspect application, where dialogue holds a central place. That’s why the involved parties should approach this mechanism with tact and discernment, thereby ensuring a symbiosis between the company’s aspirations and the employee’s rights.

Philippe Casanova

Specialist in occupational medicine and forensic medicine.